Out of the corner of his eye, Spaceboy catches a glimmer of something. There’s something! Could it be? The mystical? Only hinted at by the priests of Kem?

Manoeuvring slowly, Spaceboy backs his spacecycle into position, and gets hold of a corner, heaving it slowly till he can grab hold of another corner.

He’s got it!

Spaceboy - with his 1940s motorcycle shades under his helmet, and his worn-out leather jacket - travels through the dimensions looking for treasure. He’s on the lookout for hidden treasures before the crazy raven Cowboy Racer snatches up everything valuable and turns it into scrap metal.

And now he’s got something… Mystical.

Racing across the space highway, M1, crossing the black hole roundabout separating Queen Heka of Kem’s dimension and that of The Cat who owns half the Galaxy in this unseen, Parallel Universe, past dimensions, planets and stars. It all becomes a blurr…

Spaceboy’s spacecycle is full throttle!

Past the Mouse with a spaceship. Past the mysterious Space girl who is always doing a strip-teases with a tin cup,

Spaceboy whizzes to his hideout with his bounty.

But the Cowboy Racer lays waiting, hiding in the shadow of Planet Tada – his ray-gun at the ready.

The second Spaceboy sees the Raven Racer appear from behind Tada, he knows he’s in trouble.

The Cowboy Racer chases Spaceboy past planets, moons and stars.

But one place the Raven Cowboy Racer won’t go is the Highest Mountain in the Parallel Universe.

As the Cowboy Racers closes in on Spaceboy, Spaceboy swerves left zooming up to the peak of the Highest Mountain in the Parallel Universe.

But Cowboy Racer was closing in fast. The peaks are coming up faster. Before Cowboy Racer pulls away, he fires one last laser from his ray-gun at Spaceboy…


In a panic, Spaceboy hurls his bounty towards the peak of the mountain before he falls towards the base of The Highest Mountain in the Parallel Universe.

The thunder as the bounty crashes into the peak of The Highest Mountain in the Parallel Universe could be heard seven galaxies away.

And everyone in the seven galaxies knows something big just happened.

But what?

Then out of the smoke appears The Scientists.

The two ancient experimentors – inventing and creating things since time immemorial.

They inspected Spaceboy’s find, the bounty.

Is this it?

They quickly referred to the Book of All Things – and there it describes it quite clearly. This must be it! The source of all Cool. The SLAB.

P.s. Later, the Slab was made famous on a little green planet, where a theatre show on film once hinted at the existence of the Slab. It said, “So, come up to the Lab, and see what’s on the slab, I see you shiver with antici….pation…